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Getting admitted

As you step into the hospital, we initiate a long lasting relationship with you. To begin the process, once the consultant has recommended hospitalization on the admission advice slip, you may contact the front office with the advice slip. The front office assistant will receive you and help you check-in through the hospital information system. Your medical records will be maintained and stored for all future reference. The front office assistant will explain you regarding the approximate expenditure.

Please provide the names of primary attendant so that communication on any issue is done with relevant persons only.

  • Prescription slips from the concerned consultant mentioning admission.
  • Booking slip (For maternity cases).
  • Kindly mention complete patient details in admission folder.
  • Advance payment on admission is according to room category / type of operation (Major/Minor) in surgery cases
  • A minimum amount of Rs 5000/- for all medical case and Rs. 10000/- for surgical cases needs to be deposited in advance at the time of admission.
  • 75% financial clearance is essential before the patient is taken for surgery.
  • The patients/attendant are required to provide Admission advice Slip/ Emergency admission/ OPD Slip to front desk
  • Patient / attendants to meet the panel department executive & show the complete details of mediclaim policy papers (ID proof, mediclaim card, policy papers)
  • Kindly mention complete patient details in admission folder.The completed pre authorization request form filled by the Doctor will be sent to the TPA along with mediclaim card, photo ID proof of the patient and supportive prescription showing admission requirement.
  • Room criteria. is 1% of sum insured, difference in tariff shall be beared by patient in case of individual holder
  • The processing of pre authorization by the TPA takes upto 24 hours.
  • However the patient is admitted in the desired room category and treatment is started.
  • The TPA may have some query related to the policy papers, previous prescription papers and supportive investigations.
  • The patient /attendants are required to furnish complete details or any supportive documents; this will be coordinated by the billing executive.
  • The TPA will process all policy papers and supportive documents
  • An initial approval of some particular amount will be authorized by TPA, for cashless treatment.
  • However in some cases, denial for cashless treatment may be sent by TPA in that case reimbursement can be taken.
  • In case of prolong stay, complication, or any surgical procedure if planned during hospitalization. Requisition a further extension of authorized amount will be sent by hospital to TPA.
  • On the day of discharge, final approval is sent by TPA to the hospital, any difference in amount (Room differences, professional charges, Co Payment, Reg charges) to be borne by the patient.
  • Panel billing takes 4-5 hours approx.
  • Discharge medications are not covered by the TPA
  • All original films and reports of investigations shall be handed over to the TPA at the time of discharge.
  • A Photocopy of the Discharge Summary & reports shall be handed over to the patient /attendant by the corporate desk.
  • Duplicate films of X-ray /CT/MRI can be taken on request (Extra Charge)


Prem-Dharam Hospital offers a choice of Deluxe, Single Deluxe Room, Semi Pvt. Deluxe Room, Semi Pvt. Room, Economy Ward A/C. All beds in the hospital are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical support facilities regardless of their category. There are attached bathrooms with each room

Deluxe Room and Single Deluxe Room are equipped with a colour TV with remote control, cable connection, refrigerator, telephone, balcony and a couch for the attendants.

All medicines are to be purchased by the patient. For the convenience of patient a medical store is located within the premises of the hospital.

A copy of the daily newspaper will be delivered on demand to your room by the hospital staff.

Whenever required, a physiotherapist will visit your room regularly to assist you in undertaking physical activities and practicing proper postures, which will help in faster recovery. He/she will also advise you on daily exercises that can improve the quality of your life.


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